Technical Writing Dublin

Technical writing refers to any writing used to communicate messages in a variety of technical or occupational fields, and could comprise technical manuals, instruction booklets, abstracts or studies. Our experienced writers and editors have extensive experience in a wide variety of technical fields and have the technical writing skills needed to provide any type of technical writing service you might need. What’s more, our experience and flair will give your technical writing an engaging slant that will be easy for your customers to understand and apply. Let our technical writing team in Dublin advise you on your next technical writing project.

Report writing requires clear, precise writing and attention to detail. A good report sets out clearly a topic, displays good and accurate evidence, makes a convincing argument and conveys a clear message to the reader. The skills needed in report writing can be used for any type of reviewing too; for instance, do you need a book review for your blog or marketing material? Sparkle Media’s experience in report writing can help you deliver a concise, clear and accurate report on whatever subject you want.

Freelance writing is a particular speciality of Sparkle Media. All writers and editors are experienced freelance writers who are used to coming up with interesting, relevant ideas and pitching them to publishers and businesses. Need some inventive content for a newsletter, periodical or website? Our skills in freelance writing enable us to come up with interesting concepts and angles that will produce engaging and relevant content for your publication or website.