Proofreading and Editing 

Proofreading is the final stage before publishing, and ensures that content reads well and is free of any structural or grammatical mistakes. Proofreading requires an eagle eye and incredible attention to detail. The writers and editors working with Sparkle Media in Dublin are fast and accurate when it comes to proofreading and editing both their own work and existing content. Proofreading is an essential investment if you want your reports, content and marketing materials to have a professional and polished appearance.

Our Dublin team offers a full range of proofreading services. We can provide proofreading of existing content or add proofreading into an overall package of content provision and copywriting. Our proofreading services are fast, accurate and great value for money; for a small investment, our proofreading services can give any content a slick professional feel. Proofreading is an essential investment for every company and types of content.

Copywriting is one thing – but the ability to edit content is a valuable skill and essential for great writing. Our Dublin-based editors have years of experience in providing editing services to publishers and businesses. Editing services can include anything from editing existing content on a website or publication, to commissioning and editing fresh content for a new publication or site. A skilled editor can ensure that your content is accurate, engaging and, most of all, relevant to a company's customers and business aims.