Creative Writing Dublin

Creative writing is the term given to any form of original composition, and is widely used to describe the writing process in literature, poetry and storytelling. The skills needed in creative writing are extremely useful in all types of writing; however, creative writing skills are particularly valuable in feature writing, as features all need a narrative structure and development. In short, creative writing is about telling a story; whether this is the story of your business, your founder or even your process, let our team of experienced creative writers in Dublin engage your customers with their own brand of creative writing. 

Ghost writing is authoring writing work that is credited to another person. Want to tell your story but don't have the time to do it or the skills to make it shine? Sparkle Media’s experienced writers and editors can sit down with you and translate your ideas into a clear, concise piece of writing that is credited to you. Our unique ability to read and translate your ideas will make our ghost writing feel authentic to you as a person. In short, our ghost writing is so convincing that no one will be able to tell that it didn’t come from your own pen and paper.

Feature writing is a particular skill of the writers and editors at Sparkle Media. We only work with respected and experienced journalists who boast an impressive portfolio covering as many subject areas as possible. Feature writing requires many of the skills needed for creative writing, producing a clear and engaging narrative that sucks the reader in. Our feature writing has been published in some of Ireland’s top consumer and business-to-business titles; we have the know-how and the experience to produce features that will get your message across potential customers, yet will be attractive and subtle enough to editors for inclusion in their publications.